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কনভার্ট ওয়ার্ট টু পিডিএফ Convert word to pdf

Word document is a registered format developed by Microsoft and supported by Apple Mac, SCO Unix, OS/2, and Windows. It is proficient enough to support 106 different languages with many different font styles to offer.

To edit any document, it is necessary to convert it into a word format. Once the editing is done, a word document can be converted into a secure PDF file using a Word to PDF converter.

On the other hand, “PDF” represents “portable document format”. The chief purpose of pdf files is to share documents between different computers conveniently as they cannot be edited so the settings will remain the same and secure.

Different ways to convert word to pdf 

The Word document can be easily converted into pdf format. A user needs to choose option “File” in the word document and then select “Save As”. Here he has to select “PDF” from the dropdown menu of file formats which will appear below the filename to convert a word document into pdf in the blink of an eye. Up-to-date versions of Word do an appealing job of retaining all the formatting of documents when converting to PDF. Other than this method a word to pdf converter can be used to change the format of documents instantaneously. Some of the advanced tools are listed below:

Convert Word to PDF using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat offers two ways to convert word documents into pdf format:

  1. First of all, Open the software and pick the Tools tab from the main window.
  2. Click on Open under Create PDF and click Select a File.
  3. Now find a Word document and click Create.
  4. Acrobat will present the PDF and ask the user to save it in the destination.

If the document is already open in Word, simply click on the Acrobat tab and click Create PDF to convert the word document into PDF format within a few seconds.

Convert using an online word to pdf converter 

An Online word to pdf converter offers very simple and easy-to-change formatting without any professional help. Let’s have a look at their working procedure:

  • Duplichecker’s free word to pdf converter changes the formatting from doc to pdf, with no installation. You just navigate to, where a user needs to Upload or Drop a DOC file in this online Word to PDF converter and Click on the “Convert to PDF” option to convert any word file to PDF format. In the end, the file can be saved on the device by clicking the “Download” option. All the converted files will be deleted from the database of this word to pdf converter after conversion as the privacy of the users is its most important concern.
  • Soda PDF is another Word to PDF converter which can do more than just conversion of formats. This tool converts between an extensive list of file formats and is available as an online editor and offline desktop application. This tool helps to merge multiple Word documents into a single PDF and allows to convert a batch of Word documents into individual PDFs without disturbing any format settings.

Some reason for word to pdf conversion 

There are numerous reasons to convert a word document into a pdf file:

  • Safe and secure

Many websites on the internet use pdf documents as they cannot be edited. If any content creator wants to upload a document on the website, then by converting word to pdf they can make sure that file settings will remain safe and secure after uploading.

  • Portable

It is easy and fast to transfer pdf files as a pdf format is supported by every computer, laptop, or smartphone therefore people need to convert a word file into pdf format to transfer documents without any hurdles.

  • Lock and unlock

Many official documents contain a piece of very important information. A pdf file offers more security by giving the option of locking the pdf and setting the password as well. When someone needs to use it they can unlock it by entering the secret code.

Benefits to convert a word document to pdf 

  1. Easy access means that PDF files can be accessed on any device regardless of the operating system and all the PDF files will appear the same way even if users access them on different operating systems or printers.
  2. Another benefit of converting Word documents to PDF files using a word converter is that PDF files can retain every visual element, such as images, texts, fonts, or graphics. On the other hand, Word documents require reformatting just to have it the way a user wants it.
  3. It is possible to convert various file formats into PDF even if it contains many high-resolution images. PDF versions will consume very little space and are highly portable. Consequently, they can be easily uploaded onto different websites or stored on the company’s server.
  4. Many online PDF converters offer PDF merging features to merge two different files into a single PDF, which will be more space-efficient.

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