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5 Best Facebook Alternatives

Facebook is the most popular social media platform . Due to various features, accessibility and setup, users have not yet found a suitable alternative to this app. Not only as a social media, Facebook has contributed in many fields such as education, employment, business, organization etc.

But is there really no alternative to this app? In fact, Facebook has brought multiple features under one umbrella. As a result people across the world irrespective of age, class, religion, caste have adopted this app. But as the saying goes, nothing is permanent.

Even if there is no worthy alternative, several apps have started to give a big challenge to Facebook. Many are choosing these platforms as an alternative to Facebook. Gradually, users’ dependence on Facebook has started to decrease.

Check out the five best Facebook alternatives-

Alternative Twitter for Facebook news

Twitter works as a news platform as well as a microblogging site. Twitter has over 300 million monthly active users worldwide. All the news about what is happening in any part of the world is available on Twitter before Facebook. Apart from this, important people of the world are most active on Twitter.

Telegram is an alternative to Facebook messaging

Telegram has more than 500 million active users. Many believe that one of the main reasons behind Telegram’s popularity is its privacy policy. Also, like Facebook, text messages, voice calls, group calls, stickers, media file transfer, access to various channels and create profiles can be done here.

Facebook is an alternative to LinkedIn for jobs

There are many people who use Facebook for job search. A great alternative for them is LinkedIn, a platform created by Microsoft. Linkedin is the ideal platform to stay informed about multiple professional topics including various international organizations, their culture. Compared to Facebook, this app provides a transparent idea about the related vacancies.

Alternative Reddit for Facebook groups

Reddit can be one of the options for those looking for an alternative to Facebook’s group feature. There are tons of communities on this platform. From video games to cooking recipes, travel, sports etc. Here’s a discussion forum where it’s easy to both join and post.

Facebook is an alternative to Viro in terms of social networks

Viro is a great alternative to the Facebook social network. This app is very well designed and very easy to use. It has a chronological timeline that shows all the posts in your feed in the order of when they were published.

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