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5 Smartphone apps will find hidden cameras

Currently, all types of public places are equipped with CCTV cameras. This is done for security reasons. Many people install many such hidden cameras at home. However, these hidden cameras are also the cause of harassment today. Women are the most affected.

5 Smartphone apps will find hidden cameras

In the trial room of the shopping mall or the hotel room, the bathroom is recording the video with the hidden camera. After that, some bad people harass women in various ways. hidden cameras are an example of how technology can be used for dishonesty. 5 Smartphone apps will find hidden cameras

With a little intelligence, you can find the hidden camera. No matter how small a hidden camera is, it is not easy to hide. But now you can easily find hidden cameras anywhere with your smartphone. Keep these apps on your smartphone. Which can be easily detected by hidden cameras.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector
can install this app on both Android and iOS devices. The app has an all-in-one network scanner, which can easily detect hidden cameras and GPS trackers. You can download the app for free on your phone. But if you want the premium version then you have to pay a certain fee.

Hidden Camera Detector
This app helps users to find spy cameras around. It has a user interface. It is also quite easy to use. The app contains a magnetometer. Which uses the smartphone’s magnetic sensor to recognize the magnetic activity of the hidden camera. The app also has an infrared camera detector to detect infrared cameras. But you can use the app only on Android smartphones.

No Hidden-Spy Camera Finder
the app can detect all types of hidden cameras and hidden devices. The app is even capable of detecting infrared cameras. Includes advanced scanning mode. This too can only be used on Android phones.

Hidden Pinhole Camera Detector
the app can detect any hidden camera with just one click. It has an anti-nick shooting guide. Which alerts users to suspicious locations that are easy to hide. It can only be used on iPhones.

Hidden Camera Detector-Spy C:  The app can find any hidden camera and microphone. When the user takes the phone to a suspicious object, it will tell if there is a hidden camera or not. It also has a magnetometer that can detect any magnetic activity in the speaker and camera. There is also a radiation meter to detect the infrared camera.


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