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6 ways to earn from website

You can find many tutorials on YouTube or Google to learn blogging. Choose a topic from them. Choose a topic that interests users. If the website gets enough traffic and complies with Google’s guidelines (SEO), you can apply for Google ads. The new website should be decorated with a variety of content, where users or traffic comes from search engines, social media, direct and referral sources.

Create an account on Google Adsense and apply. Google will review your site within a few days of applying. Then the mail will tell whether the site is suitable for Google AdSense or not. Google will display ads on your site if appropriate. And you will earn from your site.

Generally CPC (Cost Per Click) of Bengali subject is less. Because, the advertising cost of Bengali content is low and only Bengali speakers come to such sites. Bangla content will have lower CPC as compared to English site. English content has higher advertising rates and more users.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way or means of marketing, through which you can promote any online company’s digital products, online store products or any products available for purchase online, on your own website, blog, social media page or YouTube channel through ‘affiliate links’. or marketing can.

If you can write in detail about a specific category of product or service and give advice highlighting its pros and cons, then you can earn. For this you need to create good quality content, do SEO so that more users come to the site. You can earn as commission by selling products by placing any affiliate link.

Some of the popular affiliate programs are: Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, GoDaddy Affiliate Program and eBay Affiliate Program.

Guest blog post

One can create website for a specific subject or topic to publish guest blogs. Where quality content on that specific category or topic should be published first to rank (towards the top of the list) in the search engine. Later, those working on the topic will send requests to publish guest posts. Which will continue to generate income after publication on your website. There must be some guidelines for publishing content. Where content length, links, amount of money will be noted. Guest blog posts are in high demand for SEO these days.

E-Commerce (Selling Products)

If you already have a business or a page on Facebook and want to expand it, you can create a user-friendly e-commerce site. By understanding the needs of users, you can sell good quality products and earn from them. On e-commerce sites you can either sell your own products or collect and sell products from various sources. There are basically two types of e-commerce businesses. For example, Bitubi and Bitusi. Bitubi stands for Business to Business—in short, wholesale products. And Bitusi is, Business to Customer. That is, retail sales directly to consumers.

Selling your work

If you have already mastered something and want to sell it as a service, you can create a website and sell your service. Like SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, website design, etc. If you know or learn, you can sell your work. Where you can set the price in different packages based on the amount of work and time. You can easily sell your services if you are on the top of the Google list by doing proper SEO.

Product review

Nowadays, customers want to know the right information before buying a product online. Is the product really good? Is the price right? etc. If you can review the pros and cons of the product and if it benefits users, user engagement will increase and companies will hire you to promote different products. From which you can earn good amount. Also get product ads on your website. 6 ways to earn from website.

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