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6 Ways to Protect Your YouTube Channel from Hacking

6 Ways to Protect Your YouTube Channel from Hacking

YouTube channel is a hobby for many, a dream for many, and a source of income for many. One thing is true for everyone that a YouTube channel connected with our emotions, our love.

However, recently it appears that the trend of the YouTube channel hacking has increased more than before. How to protect our favorite channel from hacking; I will write about that today.

Things to do to keep your YouTube channel safe 

(1) Creating strong passwords

If you want to protect any account from hacking, the very basic thing to do is to create a strong password. This applies not only to YouTube, but to all other sites including Facebook, Instagram.

(2) Updating information for recovery

YouTube’s recovery option is the site’s own security feature. If your channel gets hacked, this is so that you can get your channel back.

So if you want recovery e-mail from YouTube, use another e-mail address of yours and another phone number if you want recovery phone number. Note one thing in this case, if you want e-mail and phone number ofr recovery, you should try to use your own email and phone number. Because using someone else’s phone number or e-mail can mean that person may not be there when you need them. Hence, immediate recovery may not be possible.

When hackers log in from another device with the primary email, the recovery email will be notified in the form of a notification. If that device is not yours, then you will understand that hackers have logged into your account from another device and then you can take the necessary measures.

(3) Creating or converting YouTube channels to brand accounts

There are two types of YouTube channels.

1. Personal account

2. Brand account

Personal account:

A personal account is a YouTube channel that has an owner, i.e. The first person to open a YouTube channel with an e-mail address.

Brand account:

A YouTube channel account that has multiple collaborators i.e. a primary owner and multiple collaborative owners or co-owners is a brand account.

You must create the YouTube channel as a brand account. If the channel is also a personal account, then convert it as a brand account. Because in the case of personal accounts, hackers remove and change passwords, recovery emails, etc. Within moments of hacking. However, it takes 1 day to remove the primary owner of the brand account. That is, even after the account is hacked, 1 more day is available to restore the channel.

Receives notification when an owner is removed. So it can be easily understood whether the channel is hacked.

(4) Knowing the brand account email

A brand account has an email that cannot be changed or removed.

How to know the email address of the brand account –

  • First, enter this link  Google
  • After logging in, you will see a list of all the brand accounts you have. (You must be signed in to your email at this time)
  • Then find the brand email you are looking for.
  • After finding the desired e-mail, click on that email and enter the ‘view general information’ option. There will be a unique e-mail address dress. Save this address carefully.

Reasons to do this:

Even if hackers hack or remove your email, this brand accounts, email cannot be removed or changed. So even if the hacker puts in a different email, you will still find your channel as the brand account email is the same. But in this case you have to mail to YouTube support to get the channel back.

(5) Enable 2 factor authentication on e-mail

Be sure to enable 2 factor authentication on the email used for your favorite YouTube channel. Not doing this is one of the biggest reasons why YouTube channels get hacked. Most YouTube channels fall into the hands of hackers very easily due to this vulnerability. So whatever else, don’t neglect this task at all.

(6) Do not click on any suspicious links sent in emails

A primary task of black hat hackers is to send various phishing links to hack an account. Usually they make users interested in clicking on those links through various offers. And if the users click on these links then they take the access to that account instantly.

Finally, for the security of your YouTube channel:

If it is not necessary, then do not make someone else his but make him the manager. And if more than one person wants to do business together, then it is a different matter because then everyone has equal rights and getting more money.

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