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One of the best 25 free apps for Android mobile

The number of Android applications is increasing day by day. The Android repository has all the apps needed to meet everyone’s needs. Among them, the best 25 applications were selected and discussed.

Carbon for Twitter:

The Carbon Twitter application will bring all the content of Twitter on one screen. Timeline List, Favorites, Searches, Trends, Profiles are all there. But the tablet version is not out yet. Auto username complete, scroll button and many more features are there. This 7.3MB free Android app can be downloaded at

One of the best 25 free apps for Android mobile


It is almost impossible to find a user who does not use Google’s mail service Gmail. It can be an ideal app for those who have multiple Gmail accounts. New mail actually has notification, mail search, read mail online or offline, add or check attachments. Download this app for free here


The days of carrying paper maps are long gone. Google Maps for Android includes navigation (beta) functionality. There are many features including voice guide, driving directions, Google Street View facility, 3D building view. May require good net speed. To download visit


Flipboard’s job is to display favorite news from social sites together like a magazine. Friends’ photos shared on Facebook, YouTube’s best videos will be sorted by category at the same time through Flipboard. Just 4.7 MB this free Android app can be downloaded at


Google Chrome is nothing new to introduce. There are no pairs of Android Chrome apps to sync computer and mobile simultaneously. Like the computer version, the mobile version is also much faster. Chrome is one of the best browsers for mobiles. Android This app can be downloaded at

Google Drive:

The necessary files may be needed at any time at any end. Google Drive will be very useful to keep backup of all documents in the era of cloud. Not only that, the necessary files can be downloaded to the computer or mobile anytime. The required file can be uploaded from mobile. This useful app can be downloaded at


There is nothing unknown about Dropbox. Dropbox is ideal for instantly uploading, downloading or sharing any file or image with friends. Files can be stored in Dropbox by registering through an email account. This 5.6MB free app can be downloaded at

ES File Explorer Manager:

While there are various file managers for Android, these file manager apps are very useful. At the same time, these apps will provide file manager, application manager, task killer and cloud storage services. Not only that, there are many other features including remote file manager, text editor, built in zip file support. This Android app can be downloaded completely free at


Sometimes you need to do something else while reading the article. How about reading half the article and then reading the rest later? Yes, Pocket Android apps will do this. In addition to using Pocket to read any article on the web site, these articles can be accessed anytime on mobile, computer or tablet. Articles will be available even offline. This excellent Android software of only 4.7 MB can be downloaded at


The use of handnote books has long been lost to the times. There are excellent digital notebook apps like Evernote. Daily routine, to-do list, note keeping, reminders and many other benefits can be enjoyed through Evernote. Evernote is a daily useful app. This 14 MB size free app can be downloaded at


Goodreads Android apps are ideal if you want to join a community of book readers. This app will help different users to know the rating of the books read. 1.5MB free Android apps can be downloaded at


There is no dearth of Android apps for photo editing, but among them, Instagram is one of the best editor software. Along with many filters, there is a feature to edit photos and share them. This 15MB Android app can be downloaded at

MM Generator:

Funny meme images on Facebook are very popular now. This type of image is more popular on fanpages. Making your own MM out of 500 images is just a matter of time. The 34MB free Android apps can be downloaded at

Nova Launcher:

Other Android apps to color the mobile screen in different colors is Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher has many features including customize home screen, change folder background, hide unnecessary apps, keep multiple folders on home screen. This free Android apps will work on Android 4+ versions. But there is also a premium version. The 3.9MB free apps can be downloaded at

Pandora Internet Radio:

One of the best Android apps for listening to Internet radio is Pandora Internet Radio. Unparalleled to listen to a wide variety of channels and favorite music. But having unlimited internet connection is more beneficial. Customizable Free Android This app can be downloaded at


Pinterest is a great app to view and share your favorite camera photos. These Android apps will also help you get inspired by seeing the photos taken by others. 5.3MB free Android app download at


There is nothing new to introduce to Skype. Voice calls or video calls can be made through Skype regardless of the platform. Be it PC, Mac, Android, iPhone or tablet, free voice and video calls can be made effortlessly. But 3G, WiFi net will be convenient. Because net bandwidth is required a lot. This 15 MB free Android app can be downloaded at

Candy Cross Saga:

Among so many serious apps, there must be some apps for entertainment as well. One such addictive game is Candy Cross Saga. The game is packed with eye-catching graphics and packed with 100 sweet levels. This wonderful free game can be downloaded at


There is always a need for multiple photo editors. One of the daily essential Android apps is Snapsad. This app is full of amazing features including enhancing image quality, giving effects, increasing or decreasing contrast, focus, giving various dramatic effects. This 23MB free Android apps can be downloaded at

Temple Run 2:

It’s hard to find an Android user who hasn’t played Temple Run, which tops the game list. Temple Run is a very well known game for everyone who likes games or doesn’t play games that much. The sequel to Temple Run Temple Run 2 game has also become popular. Temple Run 2 is full of new and new adventures. This 30MB free Android game can be downloaded at

Pixel Dunjan:

Sometimes even games with simple graphics are mind-blowing with eye-catching graphics. This game is also made with pixel art graphics and simple interface. The size of this 20 level game is only 2 MB. It can be downloaded at


Online shopping is very old news. Gifts can also be purchased using Android apps. Shopping category fancy apps of only 5 MB can be downloaded at


This is another shopping android apps. But the sad thing is that products cannot be bought from Bangladesh. You can download it at

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