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Build your own VPN!

Even a few years ago VPN was an optional thing. But nowadays VPN is a must for internet users due to internet censorship, country restrictions, data security and privacy security.

There are thousands of VPNs all over the internet. Many of which are free and many are paid. Free and paid VPNs are fine for daily life tasks. But the most worrying thing is their data security and privacy.

How does VPN actually work?

VPN is a private network and this private network is connected to a central connection and encrypts the other end connection through it. It then completely breaks or bypasses network blocking restrictions. Through which a user can easily access any blocked website.

Data Security and Privacy of VPNs

Since you need to install specific software, extensions and apps on your computer, browser or mobile to use VPN, there is no guarantee that these free and paid VPNs are not secretly selling and trafficking our data. This is especially true when it comes to free VPNs. Because all the data transfer of these free and paid VPNs is done from the VPN company’s server.

And another requirement of VPN is for Great Firewall.

Great Firewall কি?

The Great Firewall is China’s network restriction system, through which they block various websites such as Google or Facebook from China. Today the Great Firewall is becoming more powerful and VPN services are not commonly available in comparison.

Especially foreign tourists travel to China often face network restrictions, they cannot use Facebook, Google, Line there. Their only way to solve this problem is to use a paid VPN. But there remains a problem, that is VPN companies are not stealing their personal information? Which makes users think about security.

The simple solution is to create your own VPN service. Although there is a system to learn the subject online, the users are not supposed to have enough technical knowledge.

Free, open source and self hosted VPN

And so the need for free, open source and self-hosted VPNs arises in the entire Internet world. Through which the user can create a VPN service very easily and the user can own all the data of the VPN.

Many programmers, entrepreneurs, and organizations have been trying to create free, open source, and self-hosted VPNs for years. For example, Uproxy Progent, in collaboration with the University of Washington, developed   a product for internet users to use their own computers as a VPN. But currently it is no longer available. But its  code repository is on GitHub.

Google Jigsaw

And the Internet giant Google itself came forward to further this effort. Google  has helped create this free, open source and self-hosted VPN through a project called Google Jigsaw . Google Jigsaw creates a new free, open source and self-hosted VPN for internet users – Outline.

With Outline anyone can easily create their own VPN service with just a few clicks.

The Google Jigsaw  project is mainly working to provide maximum security to internet users online.

What is Outline?

As mentioned earlier, Google Jigsaw’s ‘Outline’ is an open source project designed to improve user data security and privacy, to enable journalists and news organizations to use the Internet safely. Especially for China’s Great Wall restrictions. Anyone who wants to be in control of their own data security and privacy can easily create their own VPN with Outline.

But to use Outline you don’t just need to download its software from the official website. To use Outline you will need a VPS or any cloud server like: DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.

Outline has two parts

  1. One is Outline Manager
  2. Another is Outline Client

You will need both Manager and Client to create and verify your own VPN. Outline Manager supports Windows, Linux, macOS and Outline Client can be used by iOS, Android, Chrome OS and 90% users on average.

Here I will use macOS as operating system and use Digital Ocean as VPS to show how you can create your own VPN through Outline.

Digital Ocean costs $5 per month. But through referral you will get 10 dollars through which you can use for free for two months.


Official website @  Outline

How to use:

Register on Digital Ocean for free and get $10

Step 1:

If you don’t have a Digital Ocean account, you can get $10 through me now. Click on this link and visit the official site and click on the link indicated .

Enter your email and password to register. You can use your balance for 1 year.

2nd Step:

Now you have to verify the ID with your email and credit card. You can also use PayPal if you want. No money will be deducted from your card until the free balance is exhausted.

You will get $10 with verification and since you only have $5 per month so this $10 is enough for the next two months.

Create your own VPN server with Outline Manager

Step 1:

After getting Digital Ocean or any other VPS service we can download Outline Manager from the official site. Outline is currently available for three platforms Windows, Linux and macOS.

2nd Step:

After launching Outline Manager, click on “Sign me in” to login to your Digital Ocean account.

Click on “Authorize Application” button to get your account information.

Step 3:

Now select the country you want to connect VPN to. If you want to connect to Singapore while sitting in Bangladesh, it should be done in less time. If not connected then you can select US West.

Click “Set Up Outline” after selecting the VPN server. It may take 2 minutes or more to set up but you can be sure it will be very fast.

Step 4:

It’s good to say here, I selected Singapore as the server and was having trouble connecting and when I selected another country it connected again. If you have this kind of problem then I will say, first delete the previous server and then select another country.

5th Step:

You will receive an access code once the VPN service is created. If you want to use this VPN somewhere else or with friends then click on “Add Key” then you will get a new code and here you have to remember that others must also have Outline Client App installed.

So our work is almost finished now click “Connect This Device” to connect VPN. Outline will generate a URL. Copy the URL as it will be used later on the server.

Downloading the Outline Client App

Step 1:

I said it first

Outline has two parts. One is used to manage the server which is Outline Manager. Another is the Outline client which we will install on our computer, browser or mobile to connect to the VPN. So download Outline Application or Mobile App from official site.

Copy the URL from the Outline Manager and paste it into the Outline client app to connect.

2nd Step:

Now click on “connect”.

If you are a macOS or Windows user, a pop message may appear, click Allow.

3rd Step:

After connecting to VPN, you  can check your IP if you want . Here we see the United States showing up. It may vary according to your IP location.

4th step:

An important thing to remember here is that if you don’t want to use Outline in the future, then delete the VPN server through Outline Manager, otherwise Digital Ocean will deduct your account balance. This is very important because you have verified the account with your card.

Outline VPN aims to bypass network restrictions and keep you safe online. Not hiding your identity. Google Jigsaw makes it easier and faster for internet users to create and use their own VPN service.

Know the three benefits of staying with this tune for so long:

  • Google Jigsaw is an open and free VPN creation platform.
  • It supports Windows and macOS and Linux and its client app is also capable of running on iOS and Android operating systems.
  • It is possible to create VPN service very quickly through various VPS services like DigitalOcean and Linode.

Thanks for being with us this long.

Last but not least, I think this project by Google Jigsaw is quite useful for people like me who use VPN for some purpose every day. And if we talk about the cost, then we can say that you can use it at a much lower price than the cost of any good VPN. If we talk about advantages, I would say that I got quite good speed here which is not usually available.

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