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Don’t forget things to do when staying at a residential hotel

There is no other option than a residential hotel to stay overnight for work or sightseeing. These hotels are cheap or expensive. But all hotels have certain rules.

It can be seen that due to not understanding those rules properly, he makes some mistakes, the cost of which is huge. Care should be taken to ensure that these mistakes never happen when staying at a hotel. But let us know which mistakes we should be careful about-

Don’t open the door quickly:  There was a knock on the door and he said without understanding, ‘Come in.’ Never make this huge mistake. Hotels are never a safe place at the end of the day. So open the door after knowing the identity. Remember, a stranger is not supposed to meet you in a strange place. So be careful. And don’t forget to keep the door closed at all times.

No Hotel Minibar Drinks: Drinks , whether  soft or hard, should not be taken from hotel minibars. Because, usually the price of five taka food in hotel minibars is kept at least taka 50! At the end, you will see that the bill of the minibar is twice-three times more than your room rent!

Beware of cockroaches:  No matter how luxurious the room and the well-furnished bed, the cockroach knows exactly how to make its own place. So, do a thorough investigation in this regard, if you see a small movement of cockroaches, inform the authorities to fix everything. Because, this beetle will not only bite you, but will ride with you and reach your home without fail.

Don’t drink tap water:  A British couple visited Los Angeles and drank tap water. There is a strange taste in that water, they have never tasted water like that. After the investigation, it was found that a dead body in the hotel reservoir! It is not possible to tell who has what fate. So don’t forget to drink hotel room tap water to save some money. Rely on store-bought mineral water bottles.

Don’t use remote control :  No matter how cheap or luxurious the hotel is, chances of germs are high. This information has been revealed in a recent study. And a large part of these germs remain in the remote control of the television. No matter how much the house is cleaned, the remote is not cleaned that way. So germs remain in it. So beware!

Do not leave valuables in the room:  Many people leave valuables in a secret place in the hotel room. This is grossly wrong. Those who are masters at stealing from hotel rooms, but they know the whereabouts of those ‘secret’ places better than you! So spend a little money and leave your valuables in the lockers of the authorities. Be safe.

‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign: Locking  the door is not enough. As long as the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is hanging outside, anyone can come and rudely intrude on your personal time. If you think about cleaning the house again, remove it. Because, if that sign is hung, even the cleaning staff of the hotel will not come near your room.

Don’t say room number : Don’t say  your hotel room number while there or during check-in. Criminals look for this information. Keep this matter as secret as you can, don’t tell the room number to anyone you know.