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How to earn by creating YouTube thumbnails

amount of income

A small job, hence less income. However, creating YouTube thumbnails takes very little time. So if you are proficient in graphics, you can earn a good income by creating YouTube thumbnails for multiple clients regularly.

Marketplaces typically charge $1 to a maximum of $20 for creating a thumbnail. Remember, if the quality of the work is good, the clients will give you thumbnails immediately after the video is made. As a result, regular work will be available.

In this way, the income will be good if you get the work of several clients. There are also clients in the marketplace who require 10 to 50 thumbnails per day.

Creating YouTube thumbnails does not require much skill. Anyone with basic graphics skills can easily create beautiful YouTube thumbnails with text, one or more images, and logos in a 1280 x 720 pixels ratio. Regardless of the format, you work with, the client must provide the design in JPEG and PNG formats.

But don’t worry, you can easily change the format in Photoshop. To change the format, click Export As from Photoshop’s File menu and then click Export As. Now select jpeg and png format in the format option under settings and click on the export option and select the location to save the file.

Things to be careful about

No copyrighted images, texts, logos, etc. can be used while creating YouTube thumbnails. Creating YouTube thumbnails with copyrighted content may expose the client’s channel to copyright infringement. As a result, you will not get any more work.

Ask the client to provide text, images, and logos before work to be safe. If the client asks to collect content from other websites, it must use copyright-free content. You can tell the client the name of the website from which you collected the content.

Before getting the job

No matter what you do, it’s important to have a portfolio. At least 50 to 100 YouTube thumbnail designs should be added to the portfolio. Clients will get to know your work better. How to earn by creating YouTube thumbnails.

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