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How to earn money from Facebook professional mode?

 It’s been a few days now since the Facebook Professional Mode feature arrived for everyone’s Facebook profile. Gradually this new feature coming for all Facebook profiles will reach all users. Using Facebook Professional mode, Facebook page features can be found on the profile. Besides, there are also opportunities to earn from this mode. In this post, you can learn about how to earn money from Facebook Professional Mode.

How to earn money from Facebook professional mode?

Creators can earn money from their profiles using Facebook Professional Mode. In addition, access to a variety of powerful insights and tools will be available. These benefits can be obtained by using the Facebook profile directly. This means that there will be no need to play a separate page, as all the benefits of the page will be available in the profile itself.

But this feature will be useful only for content creators. Besides, those who have a decent fan following on their profile can also benefit from this feature. The professional mode will help you build a better relationship with the audience using the profile. 

How to earn money from Facebook professional mode?

What is Facebook Professional Mode and how to enable it is discussed in our dedicated post? You can visit the linked post in our article and get more details. Now let’s know How to earn money from Facebook professional mode?

The Reels Play bonus program is the other main way to earn from this new professional mode. Earn up to $35,000 per month from qualifying reels through the Reels Play Bonus. However, the Reels bonus program is invite-only for now. If you are an eligible creator, you can earn a significant amount of money by posting reels. Besides this feature can be earned in some other ways.

After launching the Facebook Professional Mode feature, you will get access to many types of features that will help you understand the audience better. Besides, this feature can be useful to create more engaging content and monetize the profile. 

Facebook Live video monetization has opportunities. This allows in-stream ads to be shown on the live video without spoiling the viewer’s experience. You will have full control over where your content is an ad, giving you a lot of control over the amount of your revenue. Again, without spoiling the experience of the viewers, they are also getting an opportunity to earn.

Then there’s Facebook Stars, which is another way to support your favorite creators. Fans can buy Facebook stars and send them to live or on reels. Creators will then receive revenue as Stars in their accounts. You can also encourage others by giving a shout-out to the audience who has sent stars to the video. You can build a good relationship with fans by replying to their comments.

More benefits of professional mode

The professional mode has some other amazing features which can be very profitable if used smartly. For example:

  • One of the best ways to monetize your Facebook profile is to create an email list. Add a call-to-action to your profile to encourage your audience to sign-up for your email list. Email can offer digital products or benefits that the audience will like
    • Along with profile monetization, Facebook’s professional mode can be useful for a better understanding of the audience. This feature will be very useful in creating social strategies and engaging posts
  •  Along with reaching a large audience, there is an opportunity to increase revenue through professional mode. Facebook’s huge user base can be used to increase its revenue many times


If you turn on the professional mode then you can easily withdraw the money earned from there through the bank. Remember, monetization from Professional mode is currently available through Facebook’s invitations.

If your Facebook post has a good number of like-comments then you can also get this invitation. It is expected that there will be an opportunity to apply for this in the future. Stay tuned for that information!


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