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How to identify a copy iPhone

How to identify a copy iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. The prevalence of iPhone in our country has increased more than before

. However, the number of copy iPhones or fake iPhones is increasing with the use of iPhones. New users often run the risk of buying cheap copy iPhones due to lack of experience. For this reason, knowing how to copy iPhone is very important for everyone. In this post, you will know the details about how to identify a copy iPhone.

Check the Apple App Store

The easiest way to spot a copy or fake iPhone is to check the Apple App Store. If it doesn’t connect to an Apple ID or Apple account when you enter the App Store   , you’ll need to understand the iPhone copy. Check the device list by signing in with Apple ID from iPhone settings or by logging in to from a computer or browser. Your iPhone will be shown there. Also, even if you log into and go to the Settings section, your iPhone will be shown there. Then you will understand that your iPhone is a real iPhone.

Similarly, tapping on the Apple App Store icon will take you directly to the Apple Store on the original iPhone. On the other hand, if the iPhone is copied, the app store will not work on it, but will take it to another application store. This is the easiest way to identify a copy iPhone, because the Apple Store cannot be copied exactly.

Check the display bezel

Another great and easy way to check if an iPhone is genuine or fake is to check the display bezel. The bezel is the border between the screen and the frame of the phone. However, this rule is more applicable to iPhone 10 and subsequent iPhones If you observe the display bezel properly, you can understand whether the device is a copy iPhone. You will see more bezels in case of copy iPhone. If you compare it with a picture or another iPhone, this point will be more clear.

Check Siri

Everyone knows about iPhone’s voice assistant Siri. If an iPhone is fake, Siri won’t work on it. Siri will only work on original iPhones. But first check if Siri is enabled on the iPhone. It should be noted that many copies of Siri’s functionality are copied on iPhone and similar features are provided, in that case you can test some basic tasks of Siri, it will clear the matter.

Lock feature

Another easy way to identify a copy iPhone is to check the lock style. If you unlock the phone from the original iPhone’s lock screen, you will see the animated unlock animation. Most iPhones do not have this feature. But many copy iPhones imitate this feature very well, so try to identify copy iPhone by following several rules mentioned in the post.

Check the storage capacity

Real and fake iPhones can also be identified by checking the storage capacity. The original iPhone does not have any type of expandable storage, meaning it is not possible to expand the iPhone’s storage using an SD card. If an iPhone provides this feature, then the iPhone must be understood as a complete copy set. Remember, there is no option to expand the storage on the original iPhone.

Check the keyboard

You can check the copied iPhone by checking the keyboard of the iPhone. The space bar on the original iPhone keyboard has space written on it, and you will also see an emoji icon to the left of the space bar. In case of copy iPhone, this design will not be the same, and the emoji icon may be reduced.

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