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How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android Phone to iPhone

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android Phone to iPhone

Buying a new phone is always an exciting experience, but new devices have a unique charm. There is interest. And now buying a new phone or transferring data to a new phone is not that difficult. But yes in that case your two phones need to run on the same operating system. An Android is an ios only. But the method is not impossible however complicated.

If you have shifted from an Android phone to iPhone then you can get back everything from your profile photo to messages etc. only call history will not be returned. See how to transfer data.

See how to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Android users can transfer data using the Move to IOS option. In this way, they can transfer data from their old Android mobile to a new iPhone. But in that case, your WhatsApp payment and call history will no longer match. It will be deleted. And keep in mind that you can transfer WhatsApp data as long as you don’t set up your new iPhone. If there is already data then reset it first.

First, install the Move to IOS app on an Android phone.

Now open this app and follow the instructions.

The iPhone will show you a code that you can immediately enter on your Android phone.

Select WhatsApp on the Transfer Data screen. And click the Start option. WhatsApp will now sign out ready to transfer data.

Now go to your Move to IOS app again. And click the Continue option.

Once the complete data is transferred, download the latest version of WhatsApp on your new iPhone.

Now login there with your old phone number and click the start option.

Once the whole process is completed you will see all the old messages on your phone.

And see what to do if you want to transfer data from iOS to an Android phone. 

As many people shift from Android to iPhone, many do the reverse. Then Mater gives the option to transfer data from iPhone to an Android phone. But in this case, your phone should be running on Android 12 or above.

Also, your phone should have a reset option.

Now first of all connect your iPhontothto an Android phone using a Type C USB port.

Now follow all the instructions.

Now click on the continue option and scan the QR code. The Android phone will display a QR code that needs to be scanned with the iPhone.

Now set up WhatsApp on Android phones. Only then you can see all your WhatsApp chats. How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android Phone to iPhone.

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