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How to Write an SEO Friendly Article | Seo On Page – Off Page

How to Write an SEO Friendly Article | Seo On Page – Off Page

SEO SEO Friendly Articles are an important part of On Page SEO. Which plays a big role in ranking a website post or article in Google search engine.

What is On Page SEO (Seo On Page)?

SEO that is done within a website is called On Page SEOSEO. On page SEO includes titles, articles, keywords, headers etc. On page SEO is most important for website. Now how to do on-page SEO? On-page SEO is a bit more complicated.

Our On Page SEO series will discuss each of the points involved in On Page SEO. Today we will discuss how to write SEO friendly articles.


Articles are called the king of websites. The better your articles, the more visitors will come to the website. Articles are very important especially in bringing organic visitors. Now what is organic visitors? Visitors who visit your website regularly are called organic visitors.

And to get organic visitors, you need to offer visitors something that is useful for them. Articles are very easy to get organic visitors. But the article should be written in such a way that a visitor is attracted.

How to write SEO friendly articles?

Since the SEOSEO of your website mostly depends on the articles, writing a quality article is very important. Now the question may be how to write articles to attract visitors. You need to write an article on a specific topic.

You will never be able to write well if you write articles with the mindset of earning only. Articles should be written for visitors. Your article must have something that others don’t. Articles must be educational. Almost all search engines look for new content in articles and rank websites.

So there must be something new in the website. You can follow the rules below to write an SEO friendly article.

1. Keyword Research

We search for something using a word or multiple words to find something on a website or search engine Here that one or more words are keywords. Why is keyword research important in SEO now? Currently there are billions of websites in various search engines.

Again, people’s tastes change with the change of time. So keyword research is very important. How to choose keywords? First of all choose keywords that are less used. After that you have to take care whether that keyword is popular again and whether it will be popular again or not. If you do good keyword research then your website will be able to come to the first page of search engines. There are many tools for doing keyword research. However, most of them are paid. With Google Keyword Planner you can do keyword research completely free. Again, Google Planner supports Bangla keywords. Interestingly, most of the paid keyword research tools do not support Bangla keyword research.

2. title

Your tune is known by its title. Write a good title on what you are writing the article about. Search engines will never rank your tune if you reverse the title. Many people will be bored to read. Remember one thing. Organic visitors are much more important than regular visitors. Now how to create standard titles? First take a look at what your article is about and what you wrote. Then give your article a nice and relatively short title. Remember that what you put in your title is what stays in your article.

3. Adding keywords (Keyword Search)

Keywords must be added to the tune. First find out what are the main keywords of what you are writing an article about. Then you give those keywords in the article. You can bold the main keywords at the beginning of the article. It makes SEO perfect. Then select some more keywords that should be related to that article. Those keywords should be placed in the article. Another thing to keep in mind is keyword density. You can use main keyword 5 times in every 100 words.

4. Table of Contents

The table of contents acts like a table of contents for your article. A table of contents is a list of what you will discuss in your article. Table of content is used in most websites these days. Table of contents is very important especially for large articles. Suppose you write and publish large articles. Now some or more visitors will not need to read all of your articles.

Some of them must be read. Now if you don’t use a table of content it will take a lot of effort for a visitor to get to that section. By using table of contents it is very easy to find that specific part. This will increase your organic visitors a lot. Search engines also like tables of content so articles rank very quickly. Hence it is important to use table of contents.

5. Related articles

Suppose you write an article. Now some parts of your article have already been discussed in detail. You can put the link of that article in your tune. This makes the visitors very happy and your organic visitors will increase. Moreover, your other articles will be promoted. Search engines also love related articles. Also, SEO is better if you use related articles.

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