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The designer of the iPhone is Bangladeshi engineer Mahin

The designer of the iPhone is Bangladeshi engineer Mahin

A few days ago, the groundbreaking creation of the American technogiant Apple iPhone 14 series was unveiled. The company has sold around 200 million units of cellphones worldwide. The stunning design and technological excellence of the iPhone has given it the top spot in the world of cellphones. Bangladeshi Mahin Mashroor is working with the design engineering team of this world famous iPhone. Mahin is the only Bangladeshi working there as a product design engineer.

Mahin Mashroor was born in Uttara, Dhaka, in 1999. He moved to Canada with his parents when he was a fourth standard student at Uttara International Education Center. In 2018, Mahin enrolled in engineering education at Canada’s prestigious University of Waterloo, Mechanical Engineering Department.

Mahin has an incredible fascination for technology since childhood. At the University of Waterloo, he has proved his worth by being involved with new technologies. He applied for the job earlier this year when he was busy with final exams. He received interview calls from many famous Canadian companies including Tesla, SpaceX, Apple. Mahin cleared four rounds of interviews before completing his final year exams to join Apple as an iPhone design engineer. He joined App Park in California on July 15. This young genius from Bangladesh will be involved in the design of the next version of the iPhone.

Mahin’s ancestral home is Palash Para in district headquarters of Gaibandha. In Bangladesh, his father Mominul Azam worked in BCS (Postal) cadre and mother Mahmuda Anwar in BCS (Agriculture) cadre. They migrated to Canada in 2010 thinking about the future of their children. Mahin’s elder brother Muhib has also signed his talent in Canada. Muhib is studying at the University of Toronto Medical School. The designer of the iPhone is Bangladeshi engineer Mahin

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