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Now you will also get missed call alert on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging sites in the world . The Meta-owned site is surprising everyone by bringing one feature after another. On the one hand, as the experience of using WhatsApp is increasing, the number of users is also increasing.

Several new features have come to WhatsApp this time. It also includes features like edit, voyage status update, WhatsApp appearance feature. Now users can add voice notes to statuses if they want. Now users can create their own avatars and share them in chat.

Now you will also get missed call alert on WhatsApp. The Meta-owned site came up with that feature. Although WhatsApp had announced this feature several months ago. The feature is ‘Do Not Disturb Missed Call Alert’. According to a report by WhatsApp tracker Wbtinfo, all WhatsApp users will soon get this feature.

After the new update you will get the missed call information on WhatsApp in the chat. WhatsApp call or missed call information is still available in WhatsApp chat, but after this new update a new alert of ‘Do Not Disturb’ will be available. Later WhatsApp will notify you of the missed call you received after turning on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

Currently Android and iOS users are using it. This feature will be available on the web soon. If you turn on the feature, you will get updates on missed calls on your WhatsApp.

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