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Find out if there is an email link with your mobile

Find out if there is an email link with your mobile

We sign up to various websites out of necessity. Most of the websites are useless except some useful ones. Think about how many websites you have given your email address to. It’s different if you have an account with a fake email. But if you have opened an account on all those websites with original email, then you should be a little aware. Find out if there is an email link with your mobile

Most of the time, while looking for a service, I make an account on multiple websites at the same time. I only use that one website when I get something good, but the email remains in the rest.

The email phone number provided during sign up can be used for various purposes without your knowledge. Most of the time our emails are used to send email newsletters. So you should find all those websites and delete the email or phone number. So in today’s tune we will discuss how to find the accounts opened with a specific email address and take necessary action.

1. Find email linked accounts for free

If you’re used to using the Quick Authorization button to quickly sign up on various websites, finding all those accounts shouldn’t be too difficult. However, in these cases, I would recommend using two-factor authentication so that no one can intrude.

You can easily remove the accounts that you have created through the Signing Up With Google button.

First, go to Google Account, click on the Security tab on the left side from My Account Dashboard.

Scroll down to Third-party apps and click Manage Third-Party Access.

Here you can see which account you have created with this email. You can also know what these apps have access to.

To disable access for any account, select the specific app or website and click Remove Access.

2. Also remove social sign-ins via Facebook and Twitter

Just like Google account, you can find out how many websites you have signed in with your social media account.

For Twitter, click More from the sitebar. Tap Settings and privacy > Security and account access > Apps and sessions. Here you can see all accounts linked by Twitter account.

In the case of platforms like Facebook, you can disable third-party apps in the same way. I didn’t show you how to do it on Facebook, because Facebook changes their settings every week. However, if you go to security from settings, you can get these options named app and website.

3. Search for verification message from inbox

Whenever you open an account on any website, you must have to verify its email. So you can see the verification messages to know which website you have an account.

Go to your email inbox and search by typing some common keywords. For example, “signing up” “thank you” “confirm” or “confirming”. In case of Gmail, you can search by writing Verify in Subject. Since these keywords are emailed after opening a new account, you can find out how many accounts there are by searching with these keywords.

If you have multiple email addresses, you may have multiple accounts on certain websites. Although it seems like a hassle to extract all at once, you can easily do this with Parserr or MailParser.

These websites allow you to find specific data from emails and organize them into spreadsheets. However, finding all accounts via email is easier than any other method.

4. Use a third party tool to delete the account

If you want to permanently delete your account from any website, then there are some great tools for you.

With JustDelete.Me  you can search all online accounts in one place. This website will show all your online accounts together in a grid view. Here you will find all sites including dating sites, social media sites, music streaming sites.

Select the site from which you want to delete the account and click on Show Info. You will find instructions on how to delete it there. Here by color you can understand which website is easy and difficult to delete account.

You should delete accounts you don’t use online. So use JustDelete.Me to delete unused accounts.

5. Search all online accounts by username

If you have a habit of giving the same username to all your online accounts,   you can use the Namechk tool. It is a domain and username checker tool. It will find accounts based on username from different platforms. It can also find accounts in domain form.

Open the website, search with specific username. It will find all accounts in no time. It is completely free app and easy to use.

6. Find the browser’s saved account

We all know that by saving password feature in browser we do not have to enter username and password repeatedly on certain websites. Once saved, it can be used again and again.

Moreover, the browser’s AutoFill feature can remember your passwords by regularly updating them. At the same time, if you want, you can go here and see which websites you have created accounts with and which emails have been used in them.

For Google Chrome, go to Settings > Autofill > Passwords, and look at the accounts. Now you can update or delete if you want.

In case of Mozilla Firefox, you can check the saved password from Login and Passwords by going to Privacy & Security from Settings.

7. Search the Internet Archives

You may have had accounts on websites that no longer exist, or have been deleted by the company. If you want to collect information from all those websites, you can use Wayback Machine. This is a service on the Internet where you can visit the old web.

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