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Selling products on Facebook Live is stopping

Selling products on Facebook, Live is stopping

Country thousands of small and medium entrepreneurs have developed around Facebook. Most of them don’t have any permanent office or shop, shopping is entirely dependent on Facebook, especially ‘Live’. Facebook has brought bad news for such entrepreneurs. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, recently said in a post that the opportunity to use Facebook Live-based products will be closed from next October. This popular feature is closing after two years of launch. However, apart from buying and selling products, Facebook, Live is open for other activities. Facebook will give an opportunity to use ‘reels’ feature as an alternative to live to sell products. Meta says ‘reels’ on Facebook and Instagram to reach customers The feature can be used by f-commerce (Facebook-based e-commerce platform) entrepreneurs. There will also be provided for product tagging on reels. However, no product tags can be added to other live video playlists.

Meta requested product tags, showcases via Instagram ‘reels’. Entrepreneurs create product videos for potential buyers, visitors through Facebook marketing using the live feature. Here the entrepreneur gives live shopping session notifications to his followers and can take sales payments through Messenger. Analysts say viewers are now shifting towards shorter live videos. People are not interested in watching big live. For this, Meta wants to pay special attention to Instagram Reels. Products can be sold, promoted and tagged through the reels. Meanwhile, if someone wants to save the previous live videos, they will get the opportunity to download them from the creator studio of the Facebook page.

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