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Some of the best features of OnePlus phones | OnePlus price

Some of the best features of OnePlus phones | OnePlus price

OnePlus phones running OxygenOS offer a lot of exclusive features despite providing an experience close to stock Android. In this post, you will know Oxygen OS ie Some of the best features of OnePlus phones | OnePlus price

Quick Launch

We all have some favorite apps that are used most of the time after unlocking the phone. These most used apps can be launched in a single tap using the Quick Launch feature. That is, if you use the Quick Launch feature, you can directly access your favorite apps from the lock screen after unlocking the phone.

This feature only works on OnePlus devices with in-display fingerprints. You can set your favorite apps or shortcuts for quick launch by entering the Quick Launch option from Settings in the utility menu.

Power button shortcut

The camera or assistant can be set by customizing the power key settings on OnePlus phones. That is, through the power key, Google Assistant or the camera can be launched easily. You can set the power button shortcut by accessing the Buttons & Gestures option from Settings.

Dark mode

Oxygen OS’s dark mode is slightly different from dark mode on other Android phones. Dark mode can be set from three options on OnePlus phones. A pitch-black dark mode can be set using the Enhanced option. On the other hand, Medium and Gentle dark modes mainly provide gray shades suitable for phone use even in sunlight.

Private safe

Using the Private Safe feature of Oxygen OS, you can hide any type of file including photos, videos, documents, and audio on the OnePlus phone safely. Files hidden using this feature cannot be accessed by anyone except you. You can enable this feature from the Private Safe option by entering the Privacy menu from the settings. A private safe can be set up by setting a PIN along with 6 digit PIN. If you want, you can add a shortcut to the home screen to access hidden files easily.

Advanced battery option

OnePlus phones have the opportunity to use the battery at their convenience, that is, you can optimize the use of the battery according to your needs. You can add extra speed to the phone if needed by turning on high-performance mode from Advanced settings. On the other hand, if the phone is off through sleep standby optimization, the battery is saved. Optimized Night Charging mainly provides adaptive charging features in OnePlus phones.

Theme Store

One of the most underrated features of OnePlus phones is the theme store. You can easily change the look of the phone using the theme store. Icon packs, wallpapers, fonts, unlock styles, etc. can be customized through the theme store If you want to customize your OnePlus phone, you can visit the Theme Store.

Game Mode Features

As the specifications of OnePlus phones are quite advanced, there is no need for separate performance optimization in the field of gaming. The Game Mode feature provides additional essential features while playing games. With this mode on, features can be accessed by swiping left or right. In this case, a menu appears showing the remaining battery charge of the phone, the temperature of the phone, etc.

There are three performance modes to choose from. Again, to keep the focus on the game, any kind of call blocking and forgetful pressing of navigation gestures can be avoided. Features such as a screen recorder, voice modulator, orientation lock, etc. are also available when the game mode is turned on. Besides, apps like Discord or WhatsApp can be accessed from the game.

Zen mode

Zen Mode helps those who don’t want to keep their phone out of their hands. By setting a timer and turning on Zen Mode, you can’t use the phone, allowing you to focus on any task at hand. So you can eliminate smartphone addiction with the help of the Zen mode of your OnePlus phone.

Screen off gestures

Screen gestures have been taken to another level in OnePlus phones. While the phone is off, you can draw gestures on the screen to perform quick actions, such as turning on the flashlight or direct video recording, etc. If you want, you can directly enter an app while the screen is off and use the gesture while the screen is locked.

What’s more remarkable is that music playback can be controlled while the screen is locked by drawing pause (||), forward (>), and backward (<). This feature can be set from the Quick Gestures option by entering the Buttons & Gestures menu from Settings.

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