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The opportunity to change the messages sent on WhatsApp is coming

Incorrect spelling or information in messages sent to friends or acquaintances often leads to embarrassing situations. WhatsApp has already launched the option to return the sent messages to solve the problem. But it lets the recipient know you’ve returned the message. Because of this, many people face embarrassing situations. And so now the instant messaging service is going to launch the opportunity to edit sent messages.

WhatsApp has started work to give the opportunity to edit sent messages. When this facility named ‘Edit Message’ is launched, users can change the information of any message sent by themselves as well as fix the spelling. As a result, there is no need to delete the entire message and send a new message through WhatsApp’s Delete for Everyone facility.

In the meantime, WhatsApp is testing the beta version of its Android app by adding the ‘edit message’ feature. As a result, it is assumed that devices running on the Android operating system will get the opportunity to use this facility first. However, no specific information is known about when this facility will be launched.

Blog writing site Twitter has also taken the initiative to introduce the possibility of editing sent messages recently. When this facility named ‘Edit Tweet’ is activated, the spelling or information of the published tweet (message on Twitter) can be edited. Initially this facility will be opened for a limited number of users.

Source: Times of India

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