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Top 5 Useful Websites Everyone Should Know

Top 5 Useful Websites Everyone Should Know

In today’s world we all use internet for some purpose. Many people think only about Facebook, Instagram, etc. social media websites.

But you will be surprised to know that there are some websites on the internet that will make your daily tasks much easier. Today I will tell you about Top 5 Useful Websites Everyone Should Know.

Today’s article will be very useful for you. If you are a content creator then don’t miss today’s article.

So without wasting much time let us know about Top 5 Useful Websites Everyone Should Know.

The first useful website on our list is tiny png . This website is a very helpful website. This website is for those of us who want to reduce the image size while maintaining the quality of our images.

For those of us who work with blog sites, we have to reduce the size of our images to increase the speed of their website, and in some places online, we cannot upload more MB images.

So you can easily reduce the size of your photos through this website and also very easily. If you want to reduce the image size of your images, try it at least once.


If you are tired of downloading images from online and removing their background, CleanPNG website will help you a lot.

Any image you can download is also in PNG format. You don’t have to remove the background from the image.

You just download and use it in your work. If you are a content creator then I think this website will help you a lot.


Our useful website number 3 website name is This website is a very useful website.

With this website you can get any photo in HD with 1 click.

If your photo is black and white, then you can take it in 1 click. This website works very well.

I use the website personally. This website is also very easy to use. You just upload your photo and they will make your photo completely clear in seconds.

If you are a photo lover, try the website at least once.


GOOGLE MAP Almost everyone has an idea about
google map . For those who don’t go, Google map is where you can find out the location of any place with the help of the phone very easily.

Google map is one of the useful websites . You can know the name of any place, be it home address, everything through it.

I think it is important for all of us to use this website these days. If you want, you can add your home location to this google map.

There are many more features which I will discuss another time. You can use this Google map for your personal work .


The best of the best useful websites is

If you want to learn graphic design that too with your smartphone. But canva is going to be a best website for you.

If you are a complete newbie then I think you can do good quality editing with canva.

Canva website is a very popular website. Which is used by almost all content creators, graphic designers. You can make logos, banners, tuners, ID cards, etc. very easily with the help of it.

You will get thousands of templates in it. If you don’t know what a template is, a template is a file you have already prepared, you can edit the file again as you wish.

You can get more than 1000 fonts in canva and you can add custom fonts if you want.

However , editing in CANVA requires you to upgrade your account somewhat. You can do editing for free if you want, but if you want to use the full feature, you must upgrade your account.

If you want to learn mobile editing very easily, then is the best website for you.

Our last words:

Hope you like 5 useful websites . If you know of any useful or interesting website, please comment.

Apologies if there are any mistakes in today’s article. That’s it for today.

If you like today’s article then share it with your loved ones. 

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