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Two new features in Google Maps

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Two new features in Google Maps

Google recently completed 15 years. That is why this tech giant is bringing various updates. More or less updates have come in all Google apps. Similarly, users will get two updates simultaneously on Google Maps.

One of them is Street View on Android and iOS. Until now, this feature was only available on desktop. But from now on, the feature will be available on iPhone and Android as well.

Google imagery basically shows how a place is changing . That is, how a place was 5 years ago and how it is now can be known through street view. This feature was only in the desktop version. But this time you can get that benefit by using the Google map of the smartphone.

To understand how the whole thing works, first you need to go to Google Maps. Then turn on Street Beau mode from there. There you will get See More Data (See More Date). Through that you will see historical imaginary.

A special camera is also being launched by Google. Which is a little different from a normal camera. Because that feature is only capable of capturing street view imagery. This camera has 360 degree view. This camera can be used with any vehicle.

This camera can be installed on the roof of any car. No special device is required for this. A blog has been posted by Google on this matter. That said, in the past an entirely different type of camera was required to capture such images. But now all that is not necessary. Very good pictures can be taken with Google’s camera.

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