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Vocalist Irsha Papri new song on YouTube

Irsha Papri is the vocalist of this generation. This singer has already gained popularity by singing folk and modern genres. Along with folk songs, Irsha Papdi appeared with new modern songs. He has given his voice in several modern songs before. Has sung with Hridoy Khan, Bappa Majumdar, Balam, Pritam Ahmed, Mushfiq Leetu, Pradeep Saha, Real Ashiq and many others.

Irsha Papri new modern song ‘Grass Fardinger Bickel’. Ghas Fardinger Bickel song is going to be released on his own YouTube channel “Irsha Papri” and Facebook page.

In this regard, vocalist Irsha Papri said, I want to sing in both modern and folk tracks. I like both. I like to play modern music, and I also like folk music.

Irsha Papri also said that all the songs of the world have some message. I try to keep the same in my songs. In continuation of this, my next song is about street children, sex workers and old beggars. Through the songs, the reality of the society will emerge.

The song Ghas Faring is composed by Kazi Bivas and composed by Nazir Mahamud, music directed by Mushfiq Litu.

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