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Ways to Increase YouTube Channel Views

Before choosing a keyword for the video, do a Google search with that keyword.
If you see that there is a video first in the result, then you will understand that your video has a chance to come first in Google rank
Playlist your videos as topics.

Ways to Increase YouTube Channel Views

And use specific keywords for your videos in naming playlists. This will help playlist Google rank.

20 ways to increase YouTube channel views

3. Give an intro to all your videos. It will help your channel gain authority and increase channel subscribers.
4. Make sure to give keyword relevant titles and descriptions to all your videos.
5. When embedding your video on your blog or any site, share the link to your video as well.
It will link directly to your channel and viewers will be interested to watch other videos of your channel.
6. Upload videos regularly and do it at a fixed time.
If your viewers get new videos on your channel every Wednesday then they come expecting videos every Wednesday.

And besides, another reason for posting regular videos is that every time you post a new video, your subscribers will get a notification.

YouTube Channel increase views and subscribers of your videos 20 Way

7. Post every video you upload on Facebook (not share the link but embed it).
Because very few people will go outside of Facebook and watch your videos.
He stayed on Facebook and became your vio.
8. Keep your video title within 50 characters. If you zoom in, your video title will look a bit jagged.
In this case, the viewer may not understand properly and the search results will also be affected
9. Embed videos on your blog.
This will not only increase your video views but also increase your blog readership and increase the authority of your blog and channel.
10. Keep your regular videos short. Keep it for 2/3 minutes.
Viewers are not motivated to watch large videos.

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