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What happens to the body by eating tomatoes every day

Tomato is one of the favorite winter vegetables. Tomatoes can be eaten in different ways from fish broth to chutney, bharta or salad. Not only red ripe tomatoes but also raw tomatoes can be cooked. As the vegetable enhances the taste of food, it is also very beneficial for health.

Tomatoes are great for skin and hair health. Tomatoes contain anti-cancer properties. From lung to prostate, tomatoes are effective in fighting any type of cancer. Tomatoes can also reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Tomatoes also help in keeping bones healthy and even in shedding fat. Rich in various vitamins and minerals. Which increases the immune system of the body. But those who keep tomatoes on their leaves every day may have various physical problems. Experts say that not eating tomatoes in moderation increases the risk of various diseases in the body.

Let’s see what problems can be caused by eating tomatoes every day-

> Tomatoes contain a substance called histamine. Which causes skin allergies. Excessive consumption of tomatoes can cause severe symptoms such as swelling of the face, tongue and mouth, sneezing, throat irritation etc.

> Tomatoes are rich in calcium and oxalates which are present in the body in abundance. They are not easily metabolized or excreted from the body. These elements begin to accumulate in the body, due to which a kidney stone is formed.

> Also, if tomatoes are more, gastric problems increase. Tomatoes contain malic and citric acid. Which causes excess acid or acid reflux in the stomach.

> Those who already have stomach problems. That is, digestive problems, they do not eat too much tomatoes. Tomatoes can contain a type of bacteria called salmonella. It is responsible for diarrhea.

> Eating too much tomato can cause gout. Because it contains special alkaloids called solanine. This compound is responsible for making calcium in cells. When the amount of this compound increases, it starts to cause inflammation.

However, the benefit of eating tomatoes outweighs the harm. Tomatoes can fight depression and colds. It contains vitamin C, which lowers blood pressure, and the potassium it contains regulates water content in the blood. It is rich in anti-oxidants and increases blood flow.

People who already have the above problems should avoid eating tomatoes every day. You can eat little by little without eating too much at once.

Source: Times of India/NDTV