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You can verify Facebook profile and page by yourself

Many famous institutions and individuals have suffered losses. Because false campaigns are run from these fake accounts or pages. Sometimes it is not completely intentional and sometimes it is just for fun. Facebook has its own verification system to distinguish real accounts from these fake accounts. Pages that have passed this verification have a blue tick next to their name.

Pages as well as Facebook profiles can be similarly verified. Facebook usually verifies the pages of famous people, celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular organizations and brands. Blue-Tick is given only to certified or valid accounts.

In this case, first the interested individuals, organizations and brands have to apply to Facebook for this blue-badge. After receiving the application, Facebook authorities check the account thoroughly. Profile or page can be ‘verified’ by following proper rules. Facebook has been providing such facilities for a long time to increase acceptance and authentication of IDs.

Know how to apply for Facebook profile or page verification 

  1. First, go to Verify Your Page or Profile in Facebook’s Help Center. Or click this link
  2. Then from there you want to verify your page or profile. Select that option.
  3.  If it is a profile, give the link to the profile in the specified box.
  4. Upload the scanned copy of your official ID card (eg National Identity Card, Passport, Phone or Utility Bill etc.).
  5. Submit the official page link.
  6. Mention why you want to verify in the ‘Additional Information’ box.
  7. Now click the Send button and submit.

Follow these steps properly. Facebook will tell you the status of your application within a few minutes. Your page or profile will then process to be verified by Facebook. With this information, other ordinary users can also be sure about the owner or the person who manages the page.

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