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YouTube videos can be zoomed

Google is bringing such a feature that you can zoom the video through YouTube’s mobile app. The test of the feature will continue till September 1. However, only premium subscribers of YouTube will get this benefit for now.

Experimentally the organization will know the reaction of the users. Thus it will undergo necessary refinements before being released on a large scale. According to NineTwoFiveGoogle, the experimental feature enables the pinch-to-zoom feature on videos. The feature will work in both portrait and full screen landscape view.

According to Verge, to enable the feature, access Settings from the web or phone. Premium subscribers to YouTube will have a section called ‘Try New Features’. Zoom function will be the only feature in this section for now. When the feature is enabled, the video can be zoomed up to 8x.

The Verge also reports that Android and iOS already have YouTube video zooming functionality through various accessibility functions. Again it is a very easy task in desktop browser. But it would be more convenient to have it in the mobile feature as an optional feature.

Last month, YouTube introduced a picture-in-picture option for premium subscribers on iPhone and iPad. The feature is a widely used feature in Android.

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